Window Clings

Window Clings
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Product Description

When it comes to marketing, advertising, branding, or simply displaying some type of announcement or information, almost every surface acts as potential “real estate” for your sign. Retail businesses and restaurants, for example, often have large glass windows that generally go completely unused. Those windows are a potential sign and advertising opportunity. But of course, not all signs are the right choice for windows, walls, doors, and other surfaces. You need the right type of sign. That’s where static cling signs and decals come in, and the leader in custom static cling sign fabrication is Banners Expo.


There are many advantages to static cling printing for your signs and information. Static clings are able to fit on surfaces that are generally less ideal for other types of signs, such as windows, mirrors, flooring, and metals. Made from a thin vinyl, they are also:

Easy to Remove

Most can be taken on and off of any surface with incredible ease, and in some cases reused at future dates.

Cost Efficient

Compared to other types of signs of similar size, many types of vinyl static clings are more affordable, thus saving you money and budget.

One or Two-Sided

Several types of signs can only be printed on one side. Static clings can be printed on the front or back, which provides an even better display for windows.

Custom vinyl clings can be large enough to cover an entire window, or small enough to provide a simple decal that you can place on your door or wall. While most static clings are made for windows, there are also clings that can be made for metal, mirrors, and so much more, giving you endless opportunities to utilize the space you have available. Banners Expo is a New York City based company, serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and more. But we’re also a national company, with clients in Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and anywhere else that receives mail. We can easily ship these static clings with instructions to those that need them, or come to any local NYC business and supply them ourselves if needed. We at Banners Expo also have many customization options available to ensure that you like our work. We can make the clings both white and transparent. We can print them with nearly every color and make sure that they are vibrant and noticeable. We can create custom sizes if needed, and make sure that they are prepared for both indoor and outdoor use. We also have many finishing options, including:

Gloss Finish
Matte Finish

Whatever type of design you have, and whatever your vision is for your static cling, our experts here in New York will make sure that you are satisfied.


No matter what type of sign you are looking for, Banners Expo is able to help. Our static window clings, glass stickers and other thin vinyl signs and decals are some of our many options, and we’re proud to be able to deliver them to you quickly and make sure that they are ready to be put up. If you are interested in learning more about these signs or you would like to order one for yourself, please call us today at 1-718-252-7575. If you are local, we are happy to talk to you more about setup and installation options as well, and if you have any questions at all we will make sure we answer them as quickly as possible.


We accept static cling designs in nearly any type of format, including EPS, AI, PSD, JPG, PNG, and . PDF. But we also know that not everyone has a graphic designer on staff that can help them create these signs appropriately. That’s why we employ trained, skilled designers that specifically know how to work with these thin vinyl window decals and signs so that you can have a design that specifically matches your exact vision. Our prices are highly affordable and our signage experts are all talented, with years of experience and a commitment to creating high-quality clings and decals. We have been in the sign business for decades and would love an opportunity to create a sign that matches your needs, style, and purpose.


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