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Coroplast Signs

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Custom Coroplast Signs

Coroplast or corrugated plastic signs, uses two materials layered to create a very durable kind of a rigid sign that can be made in a wide variety of colors. Not only is it the best sign, it is also quite affordable and could be used as a yard sign too.

It is sturdy, water resistant and looks like a plastic board. It is extremely light in weight, handling the sign is quite easy and is can be displayed quite easily too.

It is a layered sign. One layer is plain while the other has a wavy kind of a pattern. These two are joined together to make a much stronger sheet of plastic.

We at Banners Expo, providing our service to New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and NJ, make signs either in a single color or in multiple colors.

We also have the holders that a client may need for these signs. These signs are ideal for a short term out door use but last for years if used indoors. These signs are also very easy to clean which would be quite useful in restaurants and construction areas. It is quite easy to clean these signs and that is with simple soap and water.

As they are sturdy and strong, they can be place literally anywhere without the risk of being damaged.

As these signs are quite cost effective and reasonable, it would not harm your budget if you kept a few of them as a backup. Make sure to keep these signs away from extreme or direct sun light. It may be deformed due to the heat.

It would also be wise to not keep it outdoors if there was extreme wind or storm. These can either be one sided or two sided. These are very versatile. They can be made in any size that you want and can have any design, artwork, image or logo.

The material of coroplast signs comes in a number of colors but if you want you sign in some other color, we can do that for you too through digital printing. This enables you to chose from any color there ever has been.

Although it is quite easy to cut the coroplast into custom sizes, it would not be as easy to cut the material into custom shapes.

Displaying the signs is quite easy. They fit in all the standard sized frames or the sign stakes for the custom yard signs.

Coroplast can be easily secured to walls, windows and doors, all the interior and exterior surfaces with the use of suction cups, double sided tapes or other such adhesive materials.

These signs can be used for the display of logos, in a trade show booth, as directional signs or any kind of temporary signs.

We have creative graphic designers who would design your sign for you in a manner that would attract your targeted audience to you business.

If you want more information regarding our services, you can contact us at and we would answer all your queries.

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