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Custom PVC Signs

When ever you are picking up sign from the rigid signs, there are a few things that you can not help but consider. The sign that you pick should be the perfect one for your need. The appearance of the sign, the look it has and the feel it gives. Keeping all of this in mind, you would not want to exceed your budget. As a result of all of the above mentioned factors, a client or a user picks the poly vinyl chloride signs, which are more commonly known as PVC signs.

Uses of PVC signs

The pvc signs can be used as information signs, advertising signs, office signs or the signs in the hospitals with the names of the doctors and their departments, “for sale” signs for real estate. Pvc signs could be giving the directions, promoting a brand, business or a company our merely just showing off your own company.

Sizes of PVC signs

For PVC signs, we do not have a specified shape or size defined. You can pick whatever shape and size you want your sign to be.

Why PVC signs?

Customers tend to chose the PVC signs for a number of reasons. These signs can be easily cut into almost every single shape and size, and are very flexible. These are also available in a number of colors and are the most perfect choice for branding and advertising your business, product or services. PVC signs have a very smooth texture. They are light in weight.

They have a very neat and professional look and are very attractive and luring. They have a very neat font and clear colors and could be seen from a distance.

We have designers on board working with us who would be able to meet all of the specifications and requirements that you have. We could do your work the way that you would want us to do. Apart from that we could also design your PVC sign in the way that would compliment your business and your product. It would highlight your services to their very best.

We understand the need of proper and professional advertising and would try our best to make your business shine.

Banners Expo is a company that works actively in Brooklyn and around Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten island. We work great with deadlines and would be able to do your work in the minimum time and just how you would like it.

Why Choose Us?

We have amazing google reviews that you could check for yourself. We are a licensed sign manufacturing company and give our customers 100% satisfaction as to when the work is concerned. We offer you our product at simply amazing prices that you would not find anywhere in Brooklyn. We can even deliver the product to you anywhere that you would want and be sure to not deliver it late.

If you want to get a sign made for yourself, your business or anything else, you can contact us at and get an immediate response. We would be available to answer all of your queries and help you out with basically anything that you would want to know about Banners Expo.

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