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Canvas Printing NYC

Canvas Printing NYC
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Banners Expo is, at its core, a printing company. And for many, one of the best types of prints to make is a custom canvas printing. Canvas is a material with an incredible texture, and one that can bring nearly any type of image or design to life.

If you are in need of custom canvas printing services, call Banners Expo today. Though based in Brooklyn in NYC, we have clients around the United States, as far as California, Florida, Texas, and more. Give us a call today at PHONE NUMBER to find out more about our canvas printing services.

Who Uses Canvas Prints?

Canvas printing is common in numerous industries, and one of the few types of prints used by both businesses and individuals alike. There are many different uses for canvas printing, including:

  • Photo to Canvas Print – If you are a photographer or artist, you may need canvas printing to create your work. We have bulk rates available for those printing numerous copies, as well as the ability to provide one-time prints – all with fast shipping available.
  • Retail Canvas Prints – Many home décor companies create canvas prints at a large scale with different designs, phrases, quotes, and art. We work with many retail companies in NYC and abroad, designing and creating custom canvas prints for sale in stores.
  • Sign Creation – Canvas signs may not be as common, but they are a beautiful and effective way to decorate a property and share a message. Canvas signs may be used for menus, advertising, and other announcements, and created to look like an art piece or modeled after other effective forms of advertisements.

You’ll see canvases for sale or displayed all around New York City, included hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and homes both large and small. Our canvases have been displayed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens – and as far away as Los Angeles, San Jose, Orlando, Miami, and so much more.

Our Custom Canvas Printing Options

From photo to canvas printing to affordable sign development, Banners Expo has a variety of options available to make sure that your canvas print is designed exactly as you envisioned. If you choose to print your custom canvas with Banners Expo, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options including:

  • Sizes – We can create a custom canvas print in a variety of sizes, with a recommendation of 24 x 36 inches to ensure the canvas looks its best.
  • Wrapping – We offer many different types of canvas wraps as well, including gallery wrap (1.5 inches), standard wrap (.75 inches), and framing wrap (2 inches).
  • Finishing – We offer lamination finishing for those that need it, increasing the lifespan of your canvas and ensuring that it continues to look its best.
  • Edging – We are one of the few canvas printing services that also has edging options available to help you with your print. We have both round and straight edging options available.

We are also happy to talk to you about your specific needs. For example, if you expect the canvas to be in an area with a lot of moisture, we can talk to you about the materials that work best for you.

Send Us Your Photo/Image or Contact Us Today

We accept images in a variety of different formats, including EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG and .PDF. But what makes us a special choice for your needs is that we also have graphic designers with expertise in signs and canvas prints that can help you create a design that matches your vision.

We believe in making sure that you have the perfect design to match whatever your needs may be, and we’ll make every effort to ensure that your final design is exactly as you envisioned. For more information about our canvas printing services, or to order your own custom canvas print, please call us today at 1-718-252-7575 or fill out our form for more information.

We have a complete team of printing experts that can assist you with any part of the canvas printing process, and we’ll do our best to offer the high end customer service that you expect for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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