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What Are The Most Demanding Vinyl Banners

Blog What Are The Most Demanding Vinyl Banners
Posted on: Dec 23,2017

The vinyl banners provide more convincing display than ordinary banners.  As these banners are brighter, that easily can capture the attention of the crowd. This radical promotion with vinyl banners will let you reinforce the information to track customers.

These printed graphics on vinyl banners will boost the publicity of promotional deals and trigger the visibility business idea with ultimate exposure. It would draw brand attention with proper branding the product of company it will also make your company profile popular.

Manufacturing Material of vinyl banner

Vinyl banner material is listed by on the basis of weights, typically ranging from 9 oz per square yard to 22 oz per square yard. The more your vinyl retains weighs, the more likely it is to hold up under extreme outdoor conditions. Vinyl banners can be printed in double or single sided or in a variety of ways. Vinyl banners are typical digitally printed with large format printers to print directly onto the vinyl material. These vinyl banners can be customized depending on your needs whether you require them for billboards, in trade shows or for stadiums. Different types of vinyl are more strongly suited to specific use whether you want an indoor promotion or wanted to hang that banner for outdoor promotion.

Quality of vinyl banner

The quality of the vinyl banner is depended upon the composition of the material is typically measured in ounces. The larger the number ounces, the heavier the vinyl is per print.


10 oz. Value Vinyl Banners

Te banner composed with 10oz. The vinyl material is typically for indoor use. These type of banner frequently used in for events and seminars as a graphic part of Banner Stands and Backdrops. On the top of that, these banners are designed for the short term used as they can not withstand heavy external pressure. The main reason behind this as these banners don't have much amount of scrim so can easily be tear apart with much stress so these banners are preferred for indoor promotion only.

13 oz. Value Vinyl Banners

This vinyl value banner has slightly moderate amount scrim in it so offer some resistance to stress. This type of viny value banner is suitable for indoor promotion with longer use. Moreover, this vinyl value is economical and excellent for making banners stands and other promotional banners for trade shows and for a business seminar.

15 oz. Value Vinyl Banners

These 15 oz vinyl value banners contain much amount of scrim so offer more durability and strength as compared to other vinyl banners. In addition, this vinyl banner can withstand extreme external pressure and the graphic are printed on this vinyl value material don’t get fade with time and offer vibrant view for promotion. Moreover, the material of these banners has high-end image quality and offer good appearance for long term promotions. For this durability these vinyl value banners mostly used for billboard and for large scale outdoor signage promotion like Building promotional banners and Stadium/Playing Ground banners.

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