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Trade Show Signs

Many people aren’t aware that the success of the business depends on consumer knowledge. If a business is not known to customers, it means that the business can’t be successful. Keep in mind that customers won’t be seeking out your business or products and services. They will go towards one which is visible, familiar, and easily available to them. So, get out there and make your business approachable. But how to do that?

Traditional promotions and advertising play a major role in the success of any business. With plenty of methods to promote as well as advertise your brand, it might seem like an easy task. Taking part in trade shows can be one of the major functions which are really an effective way of business promotion.

Do you know that business trade shows or other kinds of exhibiting opportunities will provide a wealth of opportunities for business promotion, especially about your brand, products, and services? Furthermore, they are one of the best methods for interaction and engaging face-to-face with potential and current customers.

Individuals who are attending the trade shows will be having a great interest in the services and products that are displayed; else they won’t be taking part or attending such events. So, you need to use this particular opportunity to get some good sales lead through effective marketing at the trade shows using signs.

Best and Popular Trade Show Signs

1) Falconboard Signs

Unlike other signs, the falcon board is created by attaching two white paper faces with a honeycomb paper core. You can compare this board to a rigid one that is ½” thick. This honeycomb provides an incredible and rigid but lightweight sign.

Now unlike most of the foam-based signs which you see available at the flea market or online, there are fewer chances for a falcon board sign to get snapped or bend.

In addition, this particular design provides a 3-D appearance when it is displayed, which is possible because of the paper composition. Also, this sign is 100% biodegradable and is made of renewable resources.

Just like most of the signs, the design that you want will be printed on the surface by using fade and scratch-resistant UV ink. You can even contour cut the Falconboard, so it will be cut into the required shape as per your design.

Since this kind of signboard is made from paper, it is not suitable if placed outdoors, especially in any kind of harsh and tough weather conditions.

Now even though the Falconboard is a rigid sign, still water will make the honeycomb core to get reduced in strength and even cause the core to fall off.

Even, you can easily puncture or pierce the surface of the board, when too much pressure is placed. Therefore it is better if you can avoid putting any kind of objects or things on top of the sign.

Creative Usage of Falconboard Signs

Falcon signs are quite suitable for storefront signs, window displays, and seasonal purchase displays. Also, they provide a different and unique kind of 3-D effect for various exhibits.

The best part of using falcon signage is that it has a 3-D effect which allows it to be quiet and freestanding without having any kind of additional support.

Do you know that Falconboard can be used to make an in-home display, especially for graduations, birthdays, and even anniversaries? Like the common channel lettering present in most businesses, you can utilize the cut-to-shape falcon board for decorating your kid’s room by using the falcon letters for initials or names.

Interior Usage of Falconboard Signs

Do you know that you can use the Falconboard for interior uses too? As it is created from hard and thick hecatomb patterned cardboard, it is better to keep it away from various elements. Yes, it might be made from paper, but still, it has a superior and best quality makeup which makes it resistant to breaking and bending.

2) Gator Board Signs

Compared to other foam core signs, the Gator Board is quite expensive but it still cost less than the PVC. So, it is still a better compromise for consumers who really need to save some hard cash but don’t want to compromise in terms of something which is more durable than the foam core.

One of the biggest advantages of the Gator board is that it doesn’t absorb any kind of moisture and is really suitable for outdoor as well as indoor placements and events. Do you know Gator boards can be rigid and are sometimes susceptible to cracking? But if you are very much careful with it and place them in properly, then no doubt it is a great mid-grade investment.

Definition of Gator Board

Gator Board is a simple printing material having a foam core. Its exterior veneer is created from lightweight wood. Now if you have used any kind of foam board previously, you can be really surprised to see how much attractive your next project of yours will look with a gator board.

With a vivid and glossy gator board that covers the regular foam core board, you get good print strength and permanence. This is well worth the extra cost. Unlike other signage, this is famous for its attractive look/design and one of the best durability. So, if your next project needs a long-term mounting and display, or requires several uses or mobility, then no doubt, gator board prints are the best option.

Gator Board Features

Unlike other printing materials, the gator board looks quite good, really good. The high and best quality ink is one thing, however, when it is printed on any glossy gator surface, the image will be quite sleek and super vibrant. Some of the extensive features of the gator board are –

  •  Portable signage
  •  Long term usage
  •  Fade resisting UV inks
  • Easy to cut and available in a variety of sizes
  •  Print any graphic or photo on the gator board
  •  Dense polystyrene foam core which is good for internal durability

Usages of Gator Board Printing

You can use the gator board for:

  •  Promotional Displays
  •  Outdoor/Indoor Displays
  •  Kiosk Displays
  •  Craft or job fair displays
  •  Event or conference displays

3) Custom Posters

One of the best and easiest ways to have direct access to the viewer’s mind is through customized posters. Not only they are simple to create but are quite easy to use and are one of the best effective marketing tactics for any kind of business.

With a good poster design, you can gain the attention audience within minutes. The effective and interesting posters will assist you in engaging with your targeted audiences. Also, it will help in encouraging them to act upon them. Most of the best-customized photo online provides you with the option to download your own design or take from the given templates.

Keep in mind that no matter how much best your creative concepts of yours are, still printing is one that provides justice to your design. So, it is why you must set the colors, the right resolution, and the perfect format for your custom posters.

Now the camera resolution plays a major role in customized posters. As we all know, digital pictures are created of tiny and colored dots which are called pixels. These so-called dots, if present in large numbers, it means higher resolution. To make sure that your custom posters look good, you need to make sure that it is printed full size and must be matching to the resolution of the camera.

4) Foam Board Signs

Unlike other signages, foam board is commonly used for indoor purposes. Not only they are lightweight but are durable and rigid compared to traditional materials. Now, these signs create bold vibrant colors and it is quite ideal for business promotion as well as message or product promotions in many indoor settings like restaurants, stores, and tradeshows.

No doubt, if you want a lightweight indoor sign, then the foam board sign is a perfect choice. Also known as foam core, it provides the best of both worlds, a sharp and direct professional look is mixed with a great and super-lightweight design.

Compared to others available in the market, this board sign is fade-resistant which means it will last for longer years, irrespective of whether you are using it for direct employees, welcome visitors, or even for decoration.

You can get foam board-based displays in a variety of options like:

  •  Display with our floor-standing or tabletop easels
  •  Mount to the wall with command strips
  •  Easily prop against any surface or wall


Trade show signs are the best way to make customers and potential leads know what you are offering and what kind of business you are. The four tradeshow signs explained above are great and they can be utilized as per your needs and requirements. So, if you are planning to choose a good trade show sign among the above four, select one which is apt for your business and brings out the best features and details of what kind of services and business you do.