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Top 25 Trade Show Display Ideas to Attract Visitors

If you are a small business owner struggling in the start-up phase, trade shows are great brownie points. However, it can be sometimes frustrating as well as scary. Why? You might end up struggling with what to take for your trade show display and how it can be presented.

Commonly people tend to forgo the basic point, which is finding out the specifics of a trade show in which you are registered or thinking of exhibiting.

Contacting the event organizers and getting details about the kind of visitors visiting, the size of the trade show display table, an area where you will be displaying your business, etc are some of the major things you need to think about.

However, besides these, there are other major factors to keep in mind. The following are the 25 awesome tactics to boost your trade show presence and make it a remarkable one –

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Now since you are the new guy in the block, then you really need to make a presence felt and enjoy. Your competitors are less excited with regard to the opportunity available at the event, so just make some noise.

18) Check the ROI

The best and easiest way to see if something works is to just test it, and the only way to see if the test worked is to measure it.

Keep in mind that when you are going to the show, you are going to get measured in terms of success. It is important to find the method to measure the marketing strategy used and its effectiveness.

19) Use Slide Shows or Videos to Gain Attention

You can create a slide show presentation or video which can be shown on TV monitors present in your booth.

Most of the trade shows have racks and stands which are easily available for mounting the flat screens.

20) Employ Creative Stunts

Most famous brands use fancy and interactive pop-up displays and avoid customizing them. You can easily pull them down if you try to go for any interactive stunts.

Opting for a flash dance, bringing some exhibits like puppies or penguins, etc; would really bring people to the booth.

21) Be Kind and Hospitable

It is great to show hospitability and provide greet people whenever you meet.

So, just think what kind of aura you would be providing your exhibits with freshly baked cookies and a warm smile. It might remind them of being at home.

22) Communicating With Visitors by Sending Email

Now it is quite common in trade shows that we will be having a list of attendees who might come. This will be presented to the organizers.

So, in this case, just email these individuals before meeting them. This will definitely assist in meeting individuals without wasting any time while the event is happening.

23) Be Cautious Before You Lead

A huge amount of investment is involved in attending trade shows, so it can be a daunting task for novice exhibitors.

They need to focus 100% of their time and resources on updating themselves.

So, just before you become a good trade show leader, get the required knowledge from those who are involved.

24) Provide Gift Certificates

It can be a good thing to provide gift certificates to some of your clients. Seriously, there is nothing better than people getting a good deal and cash in their certificate.

25) Follow Ups

One of the best strategies is to follow up with leads as soon as the trade show gets over.

Keep in mind that the longer you end up waiting, the longer they will forget. So, don’t get scared to reach out to these individuals fast.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, trade show marketing can be really a great experience and it will show the true ROI.

Frankly, a good and interactive trade show booth, banners, backdrops, signs, and displays are the major elements that can help in reaching your goals.