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Store One Way Vision Installation Guide


One-way vision is the best-suited option for full coverage for store window displays. The one-way vision is a unique perforation pattern that is applied to advertise on your windows with a beautiful, full-color design, but from the inside pop can see straight through another side. With One-Way Vision material, this pattern wrapping allows you to cover your entire storefront in one-way vision without worrying about blocking visibility through in interior space or customers feel relaxed about the outer view. Since one-way vision film is adhesive to windows of storefronts, it should be used for long-term advertisement and marketing purposes. People are attracted to those storefronts, that are entirely covered with full-color one-way vision wrap. This store seems more professional in its outlook. Make your storefront stand more attractive and professional with the logo of your brand with custom one-way window film.

Installing process of One Way Vision

Installing a one-way vision could e a hassle-free process if you follow the right direction to put it on the storefront. here we quoted some of our valuable guidelines to apply a one-way vision for a long-lasting to stay in the window of your storefront.

Tools required for this

Masking tape, razor blade or paper cutter, yardstick and paper towel or smooth linen cloth

How to Start

First of all clean the window glass with proper care so that one-way vision can stick to it properly. For good installation, widow glass should be dry and dust free. always installs one-way vision in moderate temperature.

Step 1

Start with the measuring of the window glass of the storefront where you are going to paste this adhesive one-way on film for display. For full coverage of display properly measure the edges and frames of window glass.

window glass

Step 2

While applying these wrap films, always start with the top of the window. With start pull away from the backing of film and exert some pressure on the corners. Now fold the other backing to avoid curls on the film.

wrap films

Step 3

Now pull out the other wrapping film and squeegee a little bit with a gentle press. In short, don’t remove the back paper completely otherwise your applied wrapping film will have a bubble in it.

Step 3

Step 4

Let another person lift the graphic film and gently remove the backing of the film. Apply it slowly so one-way vision film may not tear apart with external pressure. To reduce strain on it, apply masking tape to the corners of the window.

step 4

Step 5

Once the entire wrapping film is pasted on the window, move the squeegee with a gentle stroke all over the window to adhere it firmly. Now trim the unnecessary edges with a paper cutter and have your desired outcome.

Step 5

Step 6

Now your one-way vision is applied to the window and let it stick to it for a couple of minutes and don’t reposition it further. Your one-way vision wrapping is set to go for the display of your storefront with your scheduled logo on it.

Step 6