Vehicle signs are becoming more and more common for the average business. Every vehicle has a great deal of space available that can easily be used for advertising your services or branding your cars and trucks for added professionalism. But some of the signs that go on that space – such as vehicle wraps – are unable to be removed and may be more costly.

For many businesses, magnetic signs for trucks and vans are the best option. Able to be moved from one vehicle to another at any time, magnet signs are specifically made to be placed on metal cars (and other metal items, such as a refrigerator, in a way that is:

At Banners Expo, we are happy to provide custom cheap magnetic signs for commercial trucks, vans & cars that are specifically designed for your business, with the colors and styles that best match your vision.


Although these types of signs can be used on almost any flat metal, magnetic advertising signs are most commonly used on cars, trucks, and other fleet vehicles. They are also a great choice over other types of vehicle signs, such as vinyl. The benefits include:

At Banners Expo, we also allow you to easily customize these types of custom vehicle magnets to suit any purpose. We have a full list of customization options that include gloss and matte paper finishing, various material thicknesses depending on the durability you need, rounded or straight edges, and magnets that are as tall as 24 inches or as long as 5 feet.

We are also more than just another sign and banner company. While we accept custom designs in almost any type of file format, we also have trained and skilled designers on staff that can help create the graphics and look that you’re hoping for, and make sure that it is ready to spread your message.


Banners Expo is based in Brooklyn in New York City. We service all of the five major boroughs, as well as areas across New York and New Jersey. Yet we also have customers all around the United States, with clients in California, Texas, Washington, Florida, Maine, and any area that is in need of a custom magnetic sign created by experts.

Affordable and efficient, we are confident that we can help you create the sign that is best for your advertising, marketing, or personal needs, and our magnet sign development services are just one of the many options that we have available. We would love an opportunity to talk to you about your sign and get started on your magnet sign-related needs.

Whether you need magnet signs, sign design, or any other type of sign service, Banners Expo is the best choice for your needs. Contact us today by sending your magnetic signs for trucks, cars & vans requirements to sales@bannersexpo.com to get started, or fill out our form and one of our customer service experts will get back to you as soon as we can.