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How to Install Vinyl Banner?

You need to take into consideration various factors while displaying your vinyl banner and signs in outdoor settings, especially when there are elements like rain and wind.

Along with these elements, you need to keep in mind that one of the major aspects to ensure that your vinyl banner last longer, is flexibility.

The less importance you give to the installation method of your vinyl banner, the more chances you have to get your vinyl banner torn.

Flexibility ensures that your banner last longer and you need to go for flexible bungee cords to secure the banner on any kind of outdoor surface.

Most of the vinyl banners come with metal grommets and even they are ready to hang.

Grommets are normal metal rings placed around the edges of the banner, two feet apart for balanced and easy hanging.

Using grommets, you can hang the banner with many accessories like bungee, rope, nails, cords, suction cups, and zip ties.

Installing Your Vinyl Banner

Using Ropes

You can easily hang your vinyl banner using ropes. First, you need to thread a piece of the rope from the grommets’ top row, making sure that there is an equal amount of rope which is hanging from each end.
Then you must thread another rope piece from the bottom grommets and make the ropes tied to the support poles. Now, this particular process will build an even balance of the weight on the banner and lower the pressure build on it.

Using Bungee Cords

It is easy to hang your vinyl banner using a bungee cord. For this, you need to wrap the bungee cord on each tree or pole and then you need to hook each of the cords on one of the corner grommets of the banner. You might need to have at least four bungee cords (each for a corner).

Using Zip Ties

If you are planning to display the banner on any fence, then it is better if you use zip ties. Using zip ties, you can wrap them around the fencing and easily zip-tied through grommets.

Hang On A Building

Place the banner on the side of a building using grommets flushed against it. Then you need to put a washer on the grommet and it needs to be followed by using a screw that can secure the banner on the wall of the building. Frankly, this is suitable for long-term banners as it will lower the force exerted on the banner when exposed to various outdoor elements.

Using Pole Banners

Many of the pole banners will need grommets and pole pocket finishing. Now, these pole banners will be connected to a pole or street light and that too using the light pole brackets. Now the bracket will be run through the bottom and top of the pole pockets. After that, it will be hooked on the grommet.

Wrapping Up

By going through the banner installation guides given in this article, business owners can come across various steps for fastening the vinyl banner to outdoor and indoor surface areas. This will ensure that your banner ad is secure and minimizes the potential damage that can happen due to poor installation procedures followed.