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How to Hang Vinyl Banner with Grommets?

vinyl banner shine

Have you ever wondered how those awesome banners are hung? What makes them stay there for a long time without falling? Seriously, you might feel that there is an invisible energy that holds it up, making it look gigantic and amazing.

If you want to know, it is simple. These banners are hung using grommets and there are various signs and banners companies that provide them whenever you purchase banners or create one from them.

Grommets – What Are They?

Grommets are nothing but small rings made of metal or plastic which are visible on the banner and are commonly used for hanging them. These tiny rings go along the lining of the holes present in the banners.
The best part of using grommets is that they ensure the weight of the banner is properly distributed around the corner.

Grommets alone cannot hold the vinyl banner but you need to use hanging material or rope. These are placed through the grommets so that the banner is tied to the nails on the wall or any place where you want to hang it.

Do you know that hanging a banner is quite easy? You might want the banner to look nice and attractive so that it can hold the attention of the people who view it.

However, you do need to make sure that the banner is placed (hung) at a convenient location and not where it is windy and gets torn off easily.

Materials Required For Hanging A Banner

Following are the materials needed for hanging a vinyl banner –
Nails or Hooks
Wires or Cables
Hanging Clips

Steps To Hang A Banner Using Grommets

If you want to hang your attractive banner using grommets, then follow the below-given instructions –

Step-1: Plan where you want to hang the banner

It can be sometimes tricky when selecting the place where you want to hang the banner. Now here it depends on where you are and what are materials available.
Based on these given criteria you can either choose to hang the banner on a surface of a place, on a wall, on ropes, or in between two poles.

Once you have selected the location, try to make sure that it is clean and does not have any sharp edges.

vinyl banner esp

Step-2: Calculate the distance between the grommets

For hanging the banner in the place you want, you must select among the ropes, zip ties, and even hanging clips. If you really want to be creative and use some other kind of materials, then go ahead with it.

vinyl banner clips

Step-3: Making a loop

First, you need to measure the distance between each grommet. Once you are aware of it, you must utilize this information to figure out the length of the rope that you might need to hang the banner.

vinyl banner distance

Step-4: Hammer nails or hooks to the wall

If you want your banner to be hung directly using nails or hooks (not using wires or ropes), you need to go ahead and place them on the walls.

vinyl banner hook

Step-5: Hold the banner against the surface or wall

You need to hold the banner horizontally against the wall in such a manner that the grommets are aligned with the hooks or nails which you have mounted on the wall. Now if you have hung the banner among two poles, you might need to get the assistance of others to hold a side of the vinyl banner.

vinyl banner life

Step-6: Placing hooks or nails through grommets of your banner

You need to make sure that the hooks or nails can pass through the grommets efficiently so that the weight of the banner is properly supported and it is hung in an efficient manner.

vinyl banner nail

Winding Up

Frankly, it is easy to hang your vinyl banner using grommets. Of course, you might find it tough initially if you are trying to hang it for the first time.
But by using good grommets, you can easily ensure that your banner is displayed at the place you want and in the manner that you like. So, go ahead and try the above-given steps to hang your vinyl banner.