Do you best offer discounts on commercial products?

Yes we do offer a discount on commercial products. For this kindly contact our sales department at or call us at (929) 322-0920 for more information.

How much shipping order is preferred?

To make things extra convenient for our customers we offer fixed shipping rates anywhere in the USA.

If it does not feel comfortable with a credit card then rest offer any other alternative for this?

Yes we can process your payment by phone or offer step by step process for your ease.

Do you offer a minimum order value?

Yes we offer minimum value order of 99.9$. If your order is below 99.9$ then we have to take handling charges for it.

If I don’t receive my shipment in the scheduled time frame?

We have multiple shipping offers so always choose the best-suited shipping offer for quick delivery.

Can I purchase a custom fixed banner?

Yes you can get your custom dimensions by placing your measurement for the custom banner.