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Vinyl Banner Printing and Design Services at Banners Expo

In the world of signs and displays, vinyl banners have developed a reputation as one of the most effective. These banners are able to display full color images with ease. They are mobile, durable, versatile, and affordable – giving them one of the most unique combinations of style, strength, and price on the market today.

At Banners Expo in NYC, we are here to craft the perfect cheap vinyl banners to match any message you’re trying to share. Advertise, market, and inform with our custom vinyl banner solutions available only at Banners Expo. Fill out the form to start your order, or contact us if you need additional support.

Vinyl Banner Materials

There are different types of vinyl, but most of the time the vinyl used is called “PVC,” which stands for “polyvinyl chloride.” It is a type of plastic used in plumbing, electrical wiring, pleather, and of course vinyl signs. This type of vinyl can be created using several different weights, with heavier weights considered more durable (but may be slightly more expensive).

Vinyl mesh may also be used when there is a risk of high winds. The vinyl may also have small eyelets, known as “grommets,” which make it easier to hang the sign.

Vinyl Banner Artwork Guidelines

If you need help with your vinyl banners, you are welcome to contact Banners Expo. Our team can help make sure that your designs look their best, and match the artwork requirements that we need to make sure your print looks correct in the final design.

For vinyl banners, make sure the artwork you submit is full size – 100% the size of the print. The only exception is artwork completed in 300 DPI Format, which can be 50% of the size of the print. Accepted file types include:

Your font/typeface should be converted to outlines or images. For color, we use CMYK for our prints and a Pantone Matching System (PMS), so if you did not design your vinyl artwork in either of those formats, make sure you let us know.

Vinyl Banner Finishing Options

Once the print is completed, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of high quality finishing options so that you can make sure your final banner looks exactly as you wanted. At Banners Expo, we have several finishing options to choose from, including :

  • Heat Welded Hems
  • Eyelets
  • Grommets
  • Pole Pockets
  • Reinforced Corners
  • Reinforced Hems
  • Wind Slits
  • Outdoor Finishing

If you have some type of custom requirement, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Vinyl banners can also come equipped with banner stands and pole displays, so if you are looking for a specific type of vinyl banner it may have a very specific need.

Vinyl Banner Installation

Vinyl banner installation depends considerably on the type of banner that we created. If you installed grommets on your banner, all you need to do is use some type of reinforcement to hang it anywhere you’d like. Zip ties can be great for hanging vinyl banners on fences. You can use screws with wide washers to hang your vinyl banners indoors.

If you need help installing your vinyl banner, call Banners Expo, as we have a team that provides installation services for most of New York City and NJ.

Vinyl Banner Care

Caring for your vinyl banner is important, as it will maximize the longevity of the banner and ensure that the design always looks crisp and bright. Vinyl banners are also very easy to care for, requiring very little maintenance. To clean your vinyl banner, you do not need any strong cleaners or abrasive cloths – in fact, these are discouraged, as they may damage the material.

Instead, simply wet a rag with a small amount of water, and wipe away any dirt or grime that has made its way onto the banner. Make sure the banner is dry before you roll it up or store it, and never fold it or use a strong rubber band to keep it rolled up, as these may cause creases that are difficult or impossible to remove.

Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes

Vinyl banners can be printed and cut into many different sizes – including custom sizes that have never been seen before. But there are several standard sizes for most types of vinyl banners. These include :

  • 2X4 Vinyl Banner
  • 2X6 Vinyl Banner
  • 2X8 Vinyl Banner
  • 2X12 Vinyl Banner
  • 3X6 Vinyl Banner
  • 3X8 Vinyl Banner
  • 3X9 Vinyl Banner
  • 3X12 Vinyl Banner
  • 4X6 Vinyl Banner
  • 4X8 Vinyl Banner
  • 4X10 Vinyl Banner
  • 4X20 Vinyl Banner
  • 5X10 Vinyl Banner
  • 5X12 Vinyl Banner
  • 5X20 Vinyl Banner
  • 5X30 Vinyl Banner

If you have a custom banner size or need something special to make sure your banner hangs correctly, please feel free and let us know.

Applications of Vinyl Banner

One of the main reasons that so many people prefer vinyl banners is because they can be used in dozens of different applications. Examples include:

  • Announcing a Grand Opening
  • Advertising an Event
  • Thanking Sponsors
  • Drawing Attention to Your Dealership
  • Trade Show Displays

There are many different ways to create vinyl banners, which means that there are also many different types of vinyl banner uses. Each one is a great choice for businesses that are looking to spread a message for a low, affordable cost.


A: The longevity of your vinyl banner depends on several factors, including the type of vinyl, where it is placed, how well you care for it, and whether it is installed properly. But when everything goes right, the typically outdoor vinyl banner can last between 2 to 4 years, while the typical indoor vinyl banner can last as long as 7 years.

A: Most of the time, yes. They may require some cleaning, but otherwise they should withstand most types of weather. Damage to banners is typically due to selecting the wrong banner for the location – for example, a non-mesh banner in a heavy wind area. If you have special needs for the banner, let us know.

A: Scrim banners are a banner that blocks light using a second back layer. They are useful when there is a high likelihood of sunlight affecting the color of the banner.

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