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How to Clean Vinyl Banner?

Blog How to Clean Vinyl Banner?
Posted on: Mar 07,2018

Keeping your vinyl banner on display for a long time is a great way of attracting individuals and potential clients. Not only it provides the required attention to keep the customers interested but helps you to interact and find out what each customer wants. However, by keeping the banner on display for a long time, you need to understand the importance of keeping it beautiful.

A clean banner will create the best impression and since your banner is made from vinyl, it is durable and resistant to humidity and moisture.

Vinyl also knew as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is quite an impressive plastic. It is easy to clean your vinyl banner but you need to use the correct product to ensure the effectiveness of the print and its long-life.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Banner

No doubt, any custom-made banner is bound to get dirty and lose its shiny feature.

One of the best parts of using vinyl banner is that it is easy to clean compared to the paper or cardboard or cloth banner. You can’t clean banners made from other paper products and cardboard, without causing damage.

Fabric banners can be washed in a washing machine or by using detergent and water. But there is a risk of fading, damaging and ruining the material.

It is recommended that if you place the vinyl banner out 24 hours a day, you must clean it every 2-3 months.

In addition, for those vinyl banners kept in storage, ensure that it is cleaned every once in a year or after usage.

How To Clean A Vinyl Banner

  • It is recommended to use water mix and mild soap along with a non-abrasive clothing to clean a vinyl banner.
  • Make sure that you are gentle. Try not to scrub the banner or you can harm the ink.
  • Keep in mind that you need to rinse the banner properly with water and ensure it is properly dry before storing it.
  • Never fold the banner as its print can get damaged.
  • Store the vinyl banner in a container and at a cool and dry place, out of the reach of the sun.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning A Vinyl Banner

  • Avoid using aggressive solutions or detergents while cleaning the vinyl banner. It will damage the color print.
  • Never use cleaning pads or any kind of abrasive materials.
  • Refrain from cleaning with any solvents.
  • Make sure to wipe the banner, not scrub it.