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How to Care and Store Vinyl Banners?

Blog How to Care and Store Vinyl Banners?
Posted on: Jan 26,2018

A lot of effort, time and money are invested in designing the awesome vinyl banner to show off at the latest company event or trade show. Now as the event has come to an end, you are stuck in a dilemma. What to do with the beautiful banner?

An attractive banner that bought in potential customer can’t be dumped somewhere. Being an imperishable item (vinyl is highly durable), still, there are chances of it to get damaged or fade or wear over time.

What is Vinyl Made Of?

Before you jump in and start to store and take care of the vinyl banner, you need to understand what vinyl is made of.

Vinyl is one of the best plastics which is also called as PVC (polyvinyl chloride). If taken care properly, it can be quite durable and have a huge life-span.

In addition, vinyl is highly resistant to humidity and moisture. It has a variety of uses and is commonly found in flooring, sliding panels, gloves records, furniture, banners, etc. One of the major reasons on why it is commonly used in banner production is because it is versatile, inexpensive and long-lasting.

Selecting A Good Place To Place The Banner

For ensuring the best and long usage life of the vinyl banner, you must be very careful where the banner is getting installed. Just ensure that you follow the below given two-minute steps:

Step -1: If you are placing the banner on a wall or any other vertical area, you need to make sure the surface is clean. Thoroughly wipe the screen as sometimes grease or soot will get transferred on the banner’s inner surface. This will make it lose its attractiveness and won’t serve its purpose on a long run.

Step -2: Make sure the surface of the vinyl banner is not exposed to constant dampness and moisture. If exposed to moisture, mildew will appear on the banner’s surface and blemish will appear on it. This will really impact the durability and attractiveness of the banner.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Banner

No doubt, cleaning your vinyl banner is easy and not that tedious. Just follow the below steps:

  • Keep in mind to buy a robust and quality banner from reputed manufacturers. You need to purchase one which will stand against time when compared to the cheaper ones that fall apart and fade.
  • While cleaning, always use a damp and soft cloth to wipe. You can use soft cotton towels or microfiber towels. Make sure to avoid using other abrasive materials and sponges.
  • Never go for detergents or harsh chemicals or any kind of solvents. These will easily damage the banner as well as its color.
  • If you are going to use a soap for cleaning the banner, then go for one which is odor free and mild.
  • Always wipe off the soap from the banner, before allowing it to dry.
  • Make sure that the banner is dry before storing it and never use any paper towels to wipe or clean.
Properly Maintained Banner Last Longer

By keeping the banner clean, you are creating a good impression of your business as well as you.

Various factors are considered for the longevity of a banner and these not only include on how you store or clean it but how and where you use it.

With proper maintenance and little care of your good and attractive vinyl banner, you can easily display your message in the years to come.

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