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Custom Outdoor Vinyl Banner Guide for Customers

Blog Custom Outdoor Vinyl Banner Guide for Customers
Posted on: Sep 13,2018

As a company, it is in your best interests to find ways to make an announcement or manage the flow of customers.

For many businesses, that means taking the time to invest in an outdoor vinyl banner – a sign that is made specifically to withstand the weather and provide you with an effective canvas to print any type of design or announcement.

Banners Expo is the number one choice for those that are considering their own outdoor vinyl banner. For more information about our vinyl banner offerings, contact us today.

For now, please consider reading the following comprehensive guide on these types of banners, so that you can envision what we can create.

The infographic below provide you the basics and ideas to design vinyl banners.

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What is a Custom Outdoor Vinyl Banner?

Custom outdoor vinyl banners are vinyl banners made specifically for your needs. They are able to be customized for nearly any purpose and designed to match the specific look that your brand is trying to achieve.

At Banners Expo, examples of these customization options may include:

  • Colors
  • Ink
  • Sign Materials
  • Sign Durability
  • Sign Design

No matter what advertising banner ideas you have, we create the custom outdoor vinyl banners that match it, giving you greater control over your advertisement or message and making sure that your banner successfully makes an impact.

We have a variety of both non-standard and standard vertical banner sizes and horizontal banner sizes to make sure that we are able to create any type of banner for any type of purpose.

With so many different customization options available, often the only limitation is a company’s imagination.

Types of Vinyl Banners

Because vinyl banners come with so many customization options, and the material itself is so easy to work with, there are many different types of vinyl banners available for those that are looking for something more unique and interesting.

Examples include:

Some vinyl banners are more durable than others, which is why it helps to know why you are using the banner in order to find you the type that is best suited for the location.

Not all banner stands are suitable for the outdoors, for example.

Outdoor Vinyl Banner Signs Applications

When it comes to the uses of vinyl banners, there are almost no limitations.

Every "Grand Opening" sign, every city event announcement, and so much more – all of your advertising banner ideas can be used with the right creation.

That said, banners are often found in a variety of settings, including:

Of course, even within these groups there are numerous options. For sports event banner ideas, there are things like advertising and marketing announcements, funny phrases, team names, and more.

For real estate for sale banners ideas, there are the ones that look like business cards, giant "For Sale" signs, and more.

Banners for auto parts industry can share things like car names, "Foreign and Domestic," and so many others.

Vinyl Banner Materials to Choose

Vinyl banners are, not surprisingly, made of vinyl. There are fabric banners available, paper banners, canvas banners, and some unique other styles, but vinyl banners are still the best of the best.

What you may have to decide on is whether you want a traditional vinyl banner, or whether you’re looking for something like a mesh vinyl banner.

Custom mesh banner printing is especially important if you expect it to be near wind.

There are also different finishes to consider, such as matte finish vinyl banners. But overall, when you’re working with banners, vinyl is often the material of choice.

Banner Design Options

As discussed previously, the level of customization available for vinyl banners is extensive, and you will have a lot to choose from.

Are you in the market for outdoor hanging vinyl banners? What about double sided outdoor vinyl banners? Perhaps you need double sided banners for street poles?

All of these play a role in design. If you haven’t worked much with vinyl banners in the past, we recommend you call us for design help, as we can walk you through things like vertical banner dimensions, print quality options, and more.

Choosing a Best Vinyl Banner Sizes

Similarly, often you’ll find that you have an idea, but not necessarily a way to determine size.

Sometimes, the answer is already known. For example, the parade vinyl banner ideal size is about 3 to 4 feet in height, and 10 to 12 feet wide. We can walk you through figuring out how to determine your ideal banner size.

It is recommended that you simply tape measure the location to determine signage. First, measure the space the banner will be placed.

For example, between street poles or on the outside of a building. Then determine, either mentally or mathematically, how much space you want to be filled with a banner. This will help you determine the correct length.

Best Fonts for Custom Outdoor Vinyl Banners

There is no strict rule for which fonts or typeface to use on your banners. Many standard fonts – like Ariel and Helvetica –are excellent fonts to use.

You can also use any font that could be described as "clean" – meaning the typeface is easy to read without too many curves or fancy design elements.

Cursive fonts are best avoided, unless it is a part of your brand and is only going to be read up close.

Banner Finishing & Mounting Options (pole pocket, grommets)

Even cheap custom vinyl banners can be customized with different finishing and mounting options. You’ll be able to choose from features that include:

  • Grommets
  • Pole Pockets
  • Finishes (Matte or Gloss)

Large format banner printing may also have special needs depending on how far away viewership will be and what space will be available to hang it up successfully.

You may also be able to choose between varying thicknesses, including 13oz, 15oz, and 18oz, and whether you want your outdoor vinyl banners with grommets of varying colors.

Outdoor Vinyl Banner FAQ

We know you may have questions about your wholesale vinyl banners, so we have compiled a few frequently asked questions as well to help you with your decision:

A: Not at all! We print in full color, and are happy to print any custom design range. We do also provide text only and black and white printing for those that need it.

A: Double sided banners are often a great use of space. You can even get two different designs. But if the banner is going to be up against the wall and there is no need to use the back canvas, it makes sense to consider a one sided banner.

A: Large format printing makes many different sizes a possibility – possibly even custom sizes and shapes. But those may require a special order, so we recommend calling us today to see if it’s something that we can do for you.

A: There are so many different factors that go into custom printing, that it is simply not possible to answer. But please feel free and contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and will make sure you get the most affordable price possible.

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