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10 Benefits of Pop Up Trade Show Display

Blog 10 Benefits of Pop Up Trade Show Display
Posted on: Feb 20,2018

A lot of effort and time is invested by you to keep your organization up-to-date in its technology. You always strive to provide your client and customers the best services and products available in your industry.

However, at times, you might simply forget providing the same kind of service to yourself which you never imagine of denying to any client.

The same can be said about your portable trade show booths. It needs to be cutting edge as any service or products that is offered by you and making them great and excellent is the pop up displays.

These are the latest innovations of the trade show display. Frankly, these so called ingenious creations helps you to fashion in a more dynamic space, making you get noticed, and refining and defining the image of your brand.

Just think about it. By upgrading your older displays, you can get good returns on investment with regard to your show and show display. Do you that there are great benefits of having a pop-up trade show?

Good Thing About Having A Pop Up Trade Show Display

  • Durability

    One of the best advantages of pop up banners is that they are extremely durable. Do you know that the printed vinyl which is used for printing is quite durable and is extremely created to last for a longer time? The pop up stand’s base is so robust and gives additional support necessary for the whole stand.

    In addition, the frames of most of the pop up banner are made from certain kind of aluminium, so it is quite light which makes it easy for transportation and sturdy and strong when placed on display.

  • Easy Assembling

    Unlike other banners, pop up ones are quite easy to assemble. Just like the name suggests, all you need to do is pop up the stand and you are ready to use.

    Another interesting aspect of pop up stands are that they use retractable system, especially when you are pulling the banner from the base and use a telescopic pole in the place where you want and boom, you are ready to use it. The presences of the pole and flat base provide a sturdy (but not swing) support to the banner stand.

  • Best For Transporting

    Do you know that banner stands are light and compact? This makes it easy to transport them. So, if you are using pop up stands on regular basis at various exhibitions and trade shows, then you can easily ensure that you won’t have a tough time in transporting them.

    Most of the pop up banner stand manufacturers provide carry bag, making it easy for you carry from one exhibition to another. Not only they fit perfectly in your vehicle, you can easily carry them on hand from one exhibition hall to another.

  • Easy Storage

    Another interesting advantage of pop up stands is that they are quite easy to store. Also they don’t take much space of your office or the place where you work.

    Pop up banner itself will fold into the base. In addition, the telescopic pole used for supporting the banner will fall and folds away quite easily.

  • Customize

    Many of the pop up stands available in the market use the latest technology in fabric printing. This makes it easy to create beautiful and memorable displays.

    It is interesting to note that the process of printing on the fabric has revolutionized and undergone a huge transformation over the years. The results you see are eye-popping.

    The text will be razor sharp and the photos will be life like. In terms of graphics, the graphical elements can be viewed from long distance.

  • Less Space Needed

    Now whether you are placing the pop up banner in your trade exhibition or shop, you need to keep in mind that space is money. So, if your banner is taking a huge space, then you might end up paying huge amount.

    The floor space that you are using must always maximize your sale or the service of the banner stands.

    Also it should take into account the usage of flyers, leaflets and other promotional activities which can be used for sales drive. In addition, pop up banners are high as well as narrow, so you can create a great impact without taking a whole lot of space.

  • Longevity

    An interesting benefit of pop up banner is the longevity. Compared to a newspaper, TV ad, radio and flyer which have short shelf life, pop up ones can be used again and again.

    The only thing to keep in mind is that the message needs to be right and there shouldn’t be any time or date on it. Also you can use the same pop up stand over again and again in each promotional activity, thereby getting more value for your money

  • Taking The Message On The Road

    Do you know that the banner stand can allow you to take your message on the road? Right from promoting your business at a conference to an exhibition or doing any kind of talk show, having a branded pop up provides you with the chance to create brand awareness and even helps in promoting the required relative marketing messages with ease.

  • Reusable & Flexibility

    It is a common factor that most businesses are cost conscious. That is why they need a pop up trade show display which is perfect and good for all kinds of trade shows. Compared to other banners and displays, pop up is flexible as well as interchangeable.

  • Effective

    The major reason why you take part in trade shows is to get noticed. With pop up displays, you can do that. They are one of the best effective tools for making your booth the talk of the show and the major attraction centre.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, pop up banner stands will always create a dramatic impact at any of the trade shows and exhibitions. So, having it is not a waste of time and money. But you need to make sure to use one from professional pop up printing agencies, to ensure that your pop up banner stands apart from others.

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